whatwe do
We follow a design first approach to creating our projects because we believe that everyone wants to interact with beautiful and friendly digital media.

We have specialized teams that can cover all you digital needs.
Your brand identity is the most crucial part as it defines the character of the offered products or services and specifies the public they want to cater to. Either you want to rediscover your brand or you want us to create one from the ground up, we are here for you. Communication is key for us to really understand the needs of our customer and their vision. We then take this vision to the next level adapting it to modern design principles and trends whilst retaining its true identity.
Great imagery is essential for a company or product to stand out. The market is now saturated with generic illustrations that seem to all follow the same trends. We focus on producing high quality digital illustrations that capture the essence of your brand and encompass the meaning that you want the public to perceive.
Following is a list of areas that we specialize in:
  • Medical Illustrations
  • Technical illustrations
  • Product and services illustrations
  • Printed brochure material
  • Character creation
If you need to add motion to your product and make it more lively, we can create digital animations using industry leading tools. Any illustrations we create we can animate. Our digital animation arsenal contains the following services:
  • Animated illustrations
  • Commercial animation
  • Technical and medical animations
UI/UX Design
Any solution we produce always starts with a prototype. We use interactive prototyping tools to produce high quality web and mobile applications in constant collaboration with our clients. We have developed our own design language that is in sync with the latest design trends. This results in fresh products targeted at a wide range of audiences.
Our team has been developing native mobile applications from the early stages of Android and iOS. In total our members have developed more than 80 mobile applications throughout their careers spanning any imaginable thematology. Their experience combined with our excellent design team, results in high quality, feature rich, custom UI and animation infused solutions for all available device form factors.
Web development is in our blood. Our team members have been developing web applications before they were even called web apps. We keep on constantly evolving technologically just like the web development scene.

Depending on the complexity of the project we employ the proper frameworks to deliver the required result. Our web applications are well tested on multiple devices to ensure the smooth operation for all users.
Every system, no matter how simple or complex, is built based on an architecture. We take system architecture design and analysis seriously, very seriously. You see the architecture determines the longevity and extendibility of your entire system.

This is why before writing a single line of code, we always start with a thorough system requirements analysis, produce detailed diagrams for all levels of architecture and once everything is strictly defined, we start digging into the code.
Experience is the most precious asset in the modern tech scene. We are more than happy to share ours with you and help your company grow.

No matter what the challenge we are here to guide you with the tough decisions you have to make. We will help you make the choices that will help you stand out in a competitive digital market.
Business processes are constantly evolving. The model is now shifting towards the digitalization of workflows. Especially now that remote work has become the norm. Over the years we have developed a strategy that helps us indicate the business processes that can be digitalized and by doing so, dramatically increase the efficiency of the entire system.
Digital Marketing
The perfectly tailored digital marketing strategy maximizes your business's growth. Just making a brilliant product is only half the way to success. You need smart 360-degree digital marketing actions to introduce it to the audience, highlight its value and drive sales.

Our digital marketing experts take care of everything with our in-house marketing tools and techniques, empowering your message across the Internet and helping you thrive.
Social Media Management
Master the social media game! Our team identifies the right social media channels for you and develops the most efficient social media strategy to establish your presence, expand your brand awareness, build an engaged social community and achieve your goals.

At the same time, we constantly track your social media performance and monitor everything that makes you stand out.
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Architecture
  • Consulting
  • Digitalization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management