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First Care Medical Plan
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The Background
First Care Medical Plan is one of the largest healthcare and lifestyle benefits providers of the Caribbean. They partner with the best service providers of each area they are active in and provide affordable packages for all types of customers. Their user base has grown significantly over the years so they were in serious need of a robust system that will digitize and automate all their processes, letting them focus on providing the best service to their customers.
The Challenge
Since the company has been growing, various internal and external roles started to arise.These roles have varying responsibilities and levels of access to data. Additionally the types of customers and customer groups have become quite complex. The company has a network of salespeople under a certain hierarchy. This hierarchy creates a complex commission structure. The system had to process a large number of transactions adding to the validation and security requirements of the platform.
The Approach
When dealing with large scale projects, we prefer working closely with the client. This is why we traveled to Nassau and visited the client’s offices. We spent several workdays closely listening to specialists from every department. This helped us record all the company processes in detail. At the end of each day we would put all our notes together and start forming the initial tech spec document as well as overall systems and processes diagrams.

This tightly organized approach helped us produce a robust system that supports all of the company’s processes. We’ve created several roles for the system, each with varying levels of access to data as well as personalized user experiences.
The Design
The main color palette was extracted from the logo that the client provided us with. The system had to be designed with minimalism and simplicity in mind. Our main concern was creating an interface that provides all the necessary functionality to each user role with minimum effort. All UI elements have been carefully designed to clearly signify the interactive areas of the platform without distracting the users. We’ve utilized careful use of white space to signify the important content areas of each screen.
Pending invoice members
Pending invoice details
Agent dashboard
Member (customer) dashboard
The Technologies
We’ve used phalcon.php to build the entire backend making full use of the framework’s performance engine. We’ve created a custom RBAC (Role Based Access Control) system that limits all aspects of the API depending on the permissions of the logged in user. This approach combined with OAUTH2 for authentication, produces a robust and secure system. React.js was used to build the Front-end. This allowed us to create a seamless experience imitating the swiftness and responsiveness of native mobile applications. We’ve developed a custom report generation module that allows for the production of complex reports with various configuration parameters. The reports are based on very large datasets so we’ve developed several optimization techniques to speed up their production.
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