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Commit Global
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Front-End Development
Back-End Development
The Background
Our customer, Commit Global, is one of the leading professional translation service companies in Greece.Their goal was to create an easily accessible and efficient platform, that would give access to time and cost effective translation solutions to a wider audience.
The Challenge
Our main aim was to build a platform that offers a plethora of highly advanced but easy-to-use AI machine translation tools to everyone.

The most complex technical challenge our team had to overcome was to transform the specificity of professional translation tools into the greatest advantage for the end-users.

We designed and created a strong user-centered experience with tailor-made UI elements and animations that were cut to fit the platform, giving a fulfilling sense to all users.
The Approach
Our number one priority from the start was to create a captivating, user-friendly character that makes the entire interactive experience a pleasure.

It became clear to us that the octopus, an amazing creature that happens to be one of the coolest sea animals, having identical, cognitive and behavioral characteristics with the platform.

Octopad is just like an octopus: Ιnventive, demonstrably intelligent, extremely fast, blends in perfectly with the environment, is a highly-skilled mimicker, a multitasker, and a master at using tools.
The Brand Name
Ingenious octopus, the master of flexibility, could not be left out of the brand name. The platform's name had to be its most valuable asset. Octopad is unique, authentic, future-proof, identifiable, it communicates the brand essence and is (of course) memorable.
The logo's emblem consists of imaginary circles that compose the silhouette of a modern, charming octopus. It is Octopad's frontman that plays a huge role in visual communication. Its bulging eyes convey all the spectrum of emotion, making it even more relatable and amiable.
There are two versions of the logo, a static and an animated. The animated logo of Octopad gives a vibrant dimension to the translation seabed, where the frontman lives and assists the platform’s users.
Brand colors
In order to increase the brand’s identifiability, our experts chose a color palette that combines a sense of calm with uplifting highlights. It is ideal for the daily, long-hour use of the platform and enhances the dynamic and witty character of the emblem.
Icons & UI elements
User interface design
We have built a versatile digital experience that adjusts to every user's expectations and needs, adapting to the needs of each user or company as well as the form factor of the used devices. We used our in-house developed cutting-edge technologies, with minimal reliance on third-party software components to offer a reliable and highly responsive experience.
We’ve decoupled front-end development from back-end to build client agnostic backend systems that can be easily extended and implemented by any type of client (web, mobile, tablet etc). We’ve built a custom Phalcon PHP tech stack to create a performant and robust backend infrastructure fortified by a secure error handling mechanism. At the same time, our experienced front-end team chose the well tested and popular ReactJS library to create our pixel-perfect portal.

Each screen was optimized for all available devices, ensuring a smooth and speedy operation. Moreover, we structured a multi-layered permission model to allow granular access to the various features of the platform and added high-level reporting tools that track and measure everything that counts.
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